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At Codam we try to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to learn how to code. This requires students to show an openmindedness towards different ideas and opinions. Art in Codam should therefore challenge preconceptions and fuel thought and discussion about the importance of a (gender-)diverse future.


At Codam, students can get lost in their work pretty easily. Sitting behind a computer all day can be a tiring exercise for the mind. We would like to give students the opportunity to take a step back from their schoolwork and engage with the art present at the school. The creation of an inspiring workplace where ideas can blossom, will be one of our main goals. Art in Codam should therefore challenge the mind and stimulate new ideas not only about coding problems, but also about matters of global importance.


As much as Codam is a place for inexperienced but talented coders, it should be a place for upcoming artists. The same rules apply: as long as you are motivated, talented and willing to put in the work; Codam could be a place for you. Art in Codam should give aspiring artists the opportunity to present (and sell) their work in a professional setting.

Reflects Codam

Values such as diversity, opportunity and inclusion are central to the philosophy of Codam as an institution. We would like our art to reflect those core ideas. When people visit Codam, whether they are potential students, job applicants or visitors, these values should be at the forefront of the visual experience on a tour through Codam. Art in Codam should therefore present diversity, opportunity and inclusion as central ideas to Codam.