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Codam in a nutshell

Codam is a full-time, free programming college in the heart of Amsterdam. At Codam, you learn to program like a pro within 3.5 years using our unique peer learning curriculum. No teachers, no books - just you and your peers learning from each other! We are a community for everyone, and we believe that no matter your background you can achieve anything in Codam.


Who are the art curators

Art curators are students who have an artistic background and share an interest in art as much as in tech. For them, it is an opportunity to bring those two worlds closer. While pursuing a career in software development, being a part of the art curators allows them to stay connected with their artistic side.

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Art in Codam

We believe that programming is a creative process. We aim to inspire our students and visitors. It will bring the outside world to Codam and show Codam’s values in the form of art. By giving art tours we promote young Dutch artists and give them a platform and opportunity to get wider recognition and to tell their story.